Washing Machine Tank Cleaner

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DO YOU KNOW YOUR WASHING MACHINE IS ACTUALLY FULL OF GERMS AND BACTERIA IF YOU DON'T CLEAN IT RIGHT? Escherichia coli and mold formed in the dirty tanks are highly possibly causing skin allergy, Contact Dermatitis, or Respiratory Disease, stated by Doctor Kim. Which is why it's necessary to clean & disinfect your washing machine tank at least half a year or more often, according to the Health and Social Service Department. And this Washing Machine Tank Cleaner is the solution for that! Simply put these enzymatic powder cleaning agent into your washing machine and start the regular washing system, and this will remove all the harmful algae, silt, and bacteria, as well as bad odors! In addition, after its non-corrosive property will extend your machine's lifespan! Keep your whole family away from bacteria and make your machine to work like brand new! Features: Effectively remove all the harmful and stubborn algae, silt, and bacteria 99% bacterial and mold prevention Reactive oxygen species to erase the bad odors Super strong oil-decomposing properties Non-corrosive: extend your washing machine's lifespan Nonharmful to human body: 99.9% Natural decomposing & no additional chemicals