Blood Pressure Machine

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  • This blood pressure monitor comes with a large LCD Display Screen that makes it extremely easy to read your test results accurately, to chart for charts, which are displayed in a large font and an adjustable cuff size. Data is stored on flash memory storage system, so even with no power you won`t lose your tester results in the reader.

  • Has highly accurate readings to quickly identify Systolic Pressure, Diastolic Pressure and heartbeat rate. This wrist blood-pressure equipment apparatus measures with full instruction book manual in English, as well as beneficial tips on how to operate it correctly.

  • Our machine comes with a super lower noise air pump which inflates the strap comfortably around your wrist. NOTE: If the units cuff is placed too tight on your arm wrist, the blood pressure rate increases. If your wrists are too big for the device a definitive false positive will occur. If in doubt consult your pharmacy or HMO inr

  • Intended for home use only to supplement your health lifestyle monitoring.

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