Pumice Toilet Bowl Cleaning Stone with Handle

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😱OMG! This is your solution to clean a dirty tough stain toilet bowl in seconds just by using this gentle abrasive pumice. It also cleans any hard surfaces like porcelain fixtures, pool tile, barbecue grills, steel and stone. It removes  any calcium, rust and lime deposits. This pumice 40% more dense than any pumice, so it lasts longer and cleans better.

QUICKLY AND EASILY - cleans porcelain fixtures, hard-water stains, pool tile, toilet bowls, barbeque, steel and stone

LASTS LONGER - more than 40% more dense than similar products to last longer and clean better

REDUCES SCRATCHING - finer abrasive grit to diminish scratching

PROTECTS YOUR HANDS - includes a heavy-duty plastic handle to protect your hands while you clean

REMOVES CALCIUM, LIME AND HARD-WATER STAINS - removes stubborn hard-water deposits using a gentle abrasive action

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