Non Slip Bath Mat

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Non-Slip Bath Mat is designed to be skid proof, say good bye to all accidents due to slippery floor for kids and elders, place the mat on a dry surface for the best anti-skid performance.

Its special microfiber construction offers you extra softness with 1" long microfiber shag. You may also found your lovely pets enjoy sitting on this soft mat, it would be a great gift for you cute dogs and cats.

Great Absorbency No one likes to walk on a slippery bathroom floor after bath, this mat can quickly absorb moisture from your bare feet when you step on it, leaves your place clean and dry everyday.

How can I clean this mat?

Wash separately in cold water with delicate cycle.

Use mild detergent.

Please DO NOT USE DRYER to dry it.

Please do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

Line dry for best results.

Perfect Match to Your Bathroom Style Features all you want for a bathroom rug, your family definitely deserve a clean bathroom without mildew and mold, and you can achieve this with the help of this mat. Specifications:

Material: memory foam + coral fleece + PVC 

Size: 40x60 cm / 15.75x23.62 inches (W x L)