3D Drawing Pen with 9M Filaments For Children Printing Drawing Best For Arts And Crafts

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A unique awesome gift for children to create their art inspiration with drawing artistic works esp this holiday dinner to keep them busy. The 3D Printing Pen is made with environment friendly plastic, both PLA and ABS printing filament fits. Easy to use & safe for kids, just simply plug-in, heat up and start extraction! Great for beginners and experienced artists/ 3D printing enthusiasts! It has auto shut-off & auto sleep function. Easier to put 3d filament, just insert the 3d printing wires to the hole at the top of the pen,and pull the button,the pen will auto absorb the wires. Filament is versatile making them great for artists of all levels, designers, and kids of all ages to this pen. Printing pen refills replace ink with plastic and allows you to control extrusion speed, temperature, and filament all in great color and in 3D. Free shipping.