Mosquito Killer Lamp Solar Power

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It is Summertime, start enjoy outdoors not worrying about mosquitoes and flies that could be annoying. Try this Garden Solar Power LED Mosquito Killer Lamp Yard Plastic Waterproof Lawn Light! The light will be automatically turned on high voltage electrode net and phototaxis lamp according to light brightness. Purple light will produce ultraviolet light radiate with a wavelength of 380mm. Ultraviolet radiation has phototaxis excitement effect for pests, and the high voltage electrode net will kill them after the pests fly to the light source. It is powered by solar energy, quite clean and harmless. Do you want to have a try?  

Features: 1. Lighting automatically at night 2.With two modes: one mode for lawn light, another mode for mosquito killing 3. Apply ultra purple light to attract insects & mosquitoes while killing them with over 380 volts. 4. No need to wire, without electricity, low pressure safety, eco-friendly 5. Widely used for outdoors.

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