Magnetic Double-sided Window Glass Cleaner

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Do you want a fast cleaning of your windows, shower screen, even mirrors and tile? This is all you need!!

The power internal magnets lock the two cleaning sides(sponge with a rubber squeegee end) together through the glass so when you move one side the other side follows. All you have to do is to slide the magnetic cleaner back and forth to thoroughly clean the glass.

Easy to clean and use.

It can be used to clean windows, greenhouses, fish tanks, conservatories, skylights, patio doors, bedroom windows and even shower screens, mirrors and tiles

Use the sponge to wash and break down dirt on glass, tiled or mirrored surfaces. Then turn the handle and using the direction of the arrows wipe and polish to get a clean, streak free finish.

Environmentally friendly, all you need is warm water and plain detergent to clean. Application scope: Glass thickness should be less than 6 mm.

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