Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse

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Say goodbye to arm pain!! This ergonomic vertical mouse is your answer.

  • REDUCE TENSION - The vertical ergonomic mouse is designed to allow for natural hand positioning and ultimate comfort. It eases tension on the wrist and hand for right-handed users.
  • ADJUSTABLE DPI – The adjustable DPI allows you change the sensitivity of the mouse’s pointer speed (800 / 1200 / 1600). You can make it slower for things that require precision like color correcting and photo edits or make it faster for browsing.
  • COMPATIBILITY – This comfortable ergonomic mouse is compatible with Mac OS X, Linux and all versions of Windows. This mouse features a plug & play nano receiver that you plug into the USB port of your laptop or computer for connectivity.
  • 2.4 GHz & AUTO-SLEEP FUNCTION – The vertical mouse has an auto-sleep function that conserves power and extends battery life. The integrated 2.4GHz RF wireless technology allows this mouse to work seamlessly for your computer or laptop.
  • FEATURES – You can browse web pages faster with the added next/previous buttons located on the side of the mouse. There is also an auto-sleep feature that conserves power and extends product life.
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