Wall Climbing RC Car For Boys

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🚗This remote control car is cool!! If you’re looking for a cool toy to give a kid that likes toy cars, this wall climbing car is it! Just like Spider-Man, this car actually does climb floors, walls, and even ceilings.This unique little remote controlled wall climbing car will keep kids of all ages occupied long after the wrapping paper is thrown out. The big plus here is obvious: 😱It’s a car that climbs walls!! This zero gravity feature is a huge selling point and makes it unique from all the other RC toys out there. You’ll be impressed with it’s maneuverability. It works well on any smooth surface, such as hard floors and smooth walls and ceilings. This little racer also has headlights and brake lights that make it fun to play with in the dark. The makers describe the car as having a shockproof body, designed to withstand falls without breakage, and other reviewers seem to agree. The manufacturer’s recommend age for this toy is 8 years and up. Honestly, this is a pretty simple remote control car to operate. A younger child of seven or even six years old would probably do fine with this, with a little extra supervision. 
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