Bulldog Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Designed for mobility, the Boom Beats has a rechargeable battery that gives up to 10 hours of autonomous play. Linked to your smartphone or any audio source through Bluetooth 4.2 or a 3.5mm line-in, the Boom Beats will provide 2.1 stereo sound, up to 120 watts of power. With less than 2 kilograms of weight, this baby beast will play your music with exceptional audio clarity and deep bass thanks to the integrated subwoofer, wherever you decide to carry it. If you love Bulldogs, you will most certainly will love these new Bulldog Wireless Bluetooth Speaker! This compact and portable speaker packs a mighty high definition sound, is easy to carry and it's outstanding design is compatible with all generation Bluetooth wireless devices.


Bluetooth 4.2
Wireless Range - 10 Metres
Line-in 3.5 mm
DC Power Plug
Micro USB for Firmware Upgrade
Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
10 Hours of Playback
100 / 240V AC Input, 50/60Hz
15 V DC Output @ 3000mA
2.1 Stereo 120W Amplifier
Supports Wireless Stereo When Using Two Speakers (True Wireless)