WHO ARE WE – CandM Store



CandM Store-Splurg'D opened on August, 2017, a collaborative husband and wife effort. We were enjoying our dinner in a restaurant one evening when my shopping topic was discussed. You see, we promised ourselves to spend one evening every week just the two of us going out to dinner and enjoying each other's company. He told me to turn my shopping spree into some entrepreneurship thus born the concept of this online store. Being nurses ourselves, we know the importance of self respite and self splurging after long hours of work just like the rest of us in the work force. Splurging is the concept I feel relates to all of us. So whatever is happening to us in today's life, make it today as your "Splurge" Day. We hope you will support us.

If you have inquiries and suggestions about the products we have on our store, feel free to email us at Support@candmstore.club. Your thoughts count! We would love to hear from everyone regarding their thoughts on some online products that you would like to be listed on our store.

Don’t let the good deals pass you by. Grab them now! Feel free to take a tour on our store and narrow down your research on the products you would like to purchase. We would love to have them delivered to your doorstep. Make the purchase now!