Circular Kitchen Cutter

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🍠🥕 Experience the ease and comfortability in professional food preparation. Slice, dice, mince, cut and chop-in a hassle-free circular and rolling motion. It's the combination of humanity's most important inventions to date, the knife and the wheel.

🥕🍆 Designed as alternative to the standard of chef's knife. Faster and more precise than scissors or a regular knife. Uses no more than minimal and conservative force to cut variety of foods tom protect yourself from sprained wrist. Also the handle is slip-free keeping you away from mishap.🥕

🍆 🌽 The blade is made up of Japanese stainless steel in its prime  sharpness, best and tested in cutting meat, vegetable, fruits, pizza and cakes. Blade boast its rust-free property. Be safe, be innovative while you prepare food more conveniently. You'll surely love one in your collection.

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